Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Flash Card: Verbi da "Le luci nelle case degli altri"


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I've always been a big fan of making flashcards for language study, and now with various computer programs and apps, I can do so without hurting the trees.  My favorite site is Quizlet because it allows me to easily copy and paste word lists from Microsoft Word or Open Office- plus, it keeps tracks of frequently missed words, automatically creates tests and games, and allows sharing of lists with other users.  It is also compatible with several iPhone apps.  (I use Orange or Apple)

I recently read a book by Chiara Gamberale called "Le Luci nelle Case degli Altri".  (A very good book- so good that I went out and bought the author's previous work "La Zona Cieca" featuring two of the characters found in "Le Luci..") 

As usual, while reading I wrote down the words that I didn't know or wasn't sure about then found the definitions and typed it all out in a table.  I then converted the table to text (using tabs to separate the terms) and then copied and pasted the entire document using Quizlet's "Copy and paste from another source" function.

Below, is the verb set that I made for this book.  All the verbs are intermediate or advanced level, and probably best suited to those learning Italian from English and not viceversa (the English side would have to be simplified or clarified for English learners).

I have more lists I'll make public soon! Or- get reading and make your own lists! [View and save a copy of my Blank Vocab List word document to get started!]

Buona lettura!/ Happy Studying!

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